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Hi.   My name is Kate Hollifield and I”m a “Crazy Quilter”. 

To those who understand “crazy quilting”, that statement says it all.   I bid you welcome.  Here, you’ll find tidbits of  information, photos of outstanding crazy quilt work, mine and work done by women from all over the world.  There will be teacher’s schedules, vendor’s links and general comraderie, “a oneness of  the wild, creative spirit” that lives deep inside all of us.   Topics I hope to cover will include crazy quilting,  hand embroidery, crocheting, tatting, Brazilian embroidery, and much much more.

Be forewarned . . . with me, the “wild, creative spirit” doesn’t stick with crazy quilting alone.  I love to write.  Period!  So check out the “Stories” tab on my blog.   You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder why things happen the way they do but you will never look at life the same way again when you are done.

Under the Recipes tab, you will find a section I call, Setting the Table for Two–Recipes for “Empty Nesters”.   I love to make soup.   Most soup recipes make huge amounts which don’t work for me because it’s only my dear hubby and I, so I’ve designed my meals around two people.  These are perfect for “empty nesters” who aren’t yet used to reducing the amounts of food they make for dinner.

My recipes usually make three-2 cup servings, enough for a small amount of left-overs or for two very large portions of soup.    Be forewarned, my soup recipes are usually thick and hearty.  I will also be sharing recipes from my writing partner, Joe.  He learned to cook at his Italian momma’s knee and man, did that guy do his homework.  He’s an awesome cook. 

But mostly, this blog will be about “crazy quilting”.  To those who’ve never been exposed to “C.Q.”, prepare to be amazed.  The handwork involved in making a “crazy quilt” can be breathtaking.  I love to coordinate group charity projects, so this blog will host a photo gallery of the magnificent “crazy quilt” blocks made by volunteers from all over the world.  It’s a privelege to be able to make quilts with their incredible work. 

So, sit back, take your shoes off and rest a spell.   You’re all welcome here.   

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  1. Comment by Bobbi Pohl:

    Hi Kate. What blogging software did you use. Blogspot frustrates me. Surely it could be easier.

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