Button Collection Extraordinaire

Jennie's Button Collection.

Do “you” love buttons?  My friend, Jennie, LOVES buttons as you can see from the photo here.  She agreed to share a few photos of her favorites with you, my other friends. 

When I arrived, Jennie’s boyfriend said, “Oh…you’re here to admire the buttons, aren’t you.  Lucky you!  You’re in for a treat.”  I walked into the dining room and there on her table was a display of buttons that truly impressed me.  I haven’t had time to write about them yet, but I thought I’d share a photo and get down to writing about it this weekend.    Enjoy!

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  1. Comment by Sue Duffy:

    aaaahhhhh – just makes you want to dive into the pile of buttons and swim through them. Or let them sift through your fingers like sand. The joy!

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