Buttons and Spagetti Sause

            I’m really pumped.  Let’s talk about spaghetti sauce and buttons.  Huh?  What do spaghetti sauce and buttons have to do with each other?  Absolutely nothing, but as you get to know me through this blog, you will discover this is how my mind works. 

            One of my biggest pet peeves about using shank buttons on crazy quilts is the instability of the button.  If you are going to hang the crazy quilt on the wall, the button tilts unless you support it some way.  I’ve tried several different methods to prevent “button tilt” on crazy quilts but I’m very pleased with myself because I dreamed of an idea while on the plane the other day.

            In my dream, a giant shank button danced on long, chorus-girl legs as a long piece of luscious, white lace wound itself about the button’s middle.  The lace tightened around the shank till it resembled a ballerina’s tutu.   GGGrin!  Well now, you say . . . I guess with dreams like that, it explains Kate’s weird sense of humor, but hey…that’s what makes us interesting as individuals. 

            So my idea is . . . what IF I was to cut a small piece of lace which has a flat edge on one side.  (Use six inches minimum.  Eight inches would make a fuller “tutu” or circle when you get done)   Sew the ends together.  Gather the flat edge up fairly tight so it becomes a rosette but leave a small hole in the center of the circle.   Nestle the shank button in the middle of the hole and the gathered lace will help support the edges of the button. 

            I sure wish I was at home so I could experiment and show you pictures.  Ah well, just thought I’d share my wild plane ride-driven crazy quilted dream.

P.S.  I bet you thought I’d forget to tell you about the spaghetti sauce lessons, didn’t you?  It tasted wonderful.  My meatballs, mwah!  (she kisses her finger tips)  I always wondered how they made such uniformly-sized, handmade meatballs.  It’s all in the wrist action.  GGGrin!

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