Crazy Quilt Dreams and Happy Thoughts

What is it about being at 31,000 feet that brings out the writing muse in me?  Bordem . . .bordam . . . boardem?  Where is spell check when you need it most? Oh wait!  Boredom!  (I wrote this by hand and am now transcribing it word for word.)


I just woke up from a lovely, “crick-in-the neck” airplane nap with visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.  (insert sound of tape rewinding here)


What?  Who am I kidding?  Visions of lace and buttons and beads galore lined up in my dreams like the Rockettes doing a fabulous “high-kick” Broadway show-stopping finale.  Thoughts of this made me grin just as the flight attendant walked by.


Speaking of flight attendants . . . (I know I was just talking about lace and buttons, but I have a short attention span.)


OOooh, LOOK!  Something shiny.)  Uhm…back to flight attendants.  I noticed something unusual about this gentleman during the three hour flight.  He exuded an absolute air of “joy” in his work during the entire flight.  This man loved his job and it showed.


His amazing attitude towards everyone on the flight made me stop him to give him a compliment which astounded the guy.  It amazed him that anyone would take the time to comment on what he considers his “every-day behavior”.   I’m just saying it never hurts to spread a little joy when you see someone going “above and beyond the call of duty” in their job.


I do this all the time, even when ordering products over the phone.  Many times I’ve asked to speak with the “outstanding” service representative’s supervisor so I can give a compliment.   It only takes a few minutes and causes such joy for the person who helped me.


Anyway, this is getting too long, so I’ll have to tell you about my vision of lace and buttons later.  I’m just about to get a lesson in how to make “real Italian spaghetti sauce” from scratch.  Sorry, but right now cooking lessons supersede any thoughts of crazy quilting.


P.S.  The flight attendant was so happy with his compliment, he brought me a lunch snack package as a gift.  I didn’t do it for the free food, but hey, what I’m saying is, sharing a compliment never hurts.


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