Embarressing Your Buttons – – A CQ No-No!


I just had to share a quick photo of “what NOT to do with your buttons”.  You should NEver EVer embarrass your buttons in any way . . . see attached photo.

In my previous blog post, I showed what you can do with a piece of lace to enhance a shank button and make it hang properly without tilting when it is used on a wall hanging.

In my search for the right button to show off the lace, I found a face button and laid it in the middle of the rosette.  What do you think?  She looks a wee bit annoyed, eh?  (insert sounds of chuckling here)

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  1. Comment by Laurie Brown:

    She is not just annoyed, she is *rolling her eyes* about you!!! Please give that poor girl the setting she deserves, and remove that lace that would be *stunning* behind a cameo but just makes a clown collar on her! LOL!

  2. Comment by FairyKateH:

    Welllllllllll….OKaaaaaaaay. I just HAD to share, but dang…it makes HER look silly, doesn’t it? GGGrin!

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