Memorial Quilts, Celebrations and Firing on All Cylinders

     On the eve after of such a momentous world event, I thought it
appropriate to reflect upon the commando raid that caused so much
celebration in America.  I feel numb with the news.  Finally after all
these years of searching and millions of dollars spent finding him,
the mastermind of 9/11, Osama Bin Laden — was “taken out” almost
quicker than the events that unfolded on that momentous day almost
ten years ago.
     I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the effort made by so many men and
women over the past ten years to capture the mastermind of 9/11, but
the death of anyone (no matter how heinous his crimes) is not cause for
celebration in my books.  I am merely saddened by the events that led up to
the whole cataclysmic event. 
     This brings me to the reason I decided to write this post.  I discovered a
bunch of patriotic fabrics today with which I had intended to make a memorial
crazy quilt of the 9/11 event.  Did anyone else actually make a memorial
quilt–crazy OR sane?  If so, please share “links” to any photographs you have
     I had the best intentions of making a crazy quilt dedicated to the
chaos of it all, but felt so overwhelmed by the event I couldn’t do it.
I even stopped doing something else I loved for several years afterwards.
Before 9/11, I loved to write creative stories . . . to entertain people with
my humor.  It “literally” took years before I could write again and share my
     Maybe this is truly my first step towards normalcy in almost ten years.  I’m
enjoying writing and sharing my humor again and I hope to share much more
of it with you over the coming years.  (You know what?)  The mere thought
of getting back to normal makes me smile.  If you already know me, then watch out. 
     (Mental note)   I envision my sense of humor as an “8-cylinder engine” that’s
only had three pistons working for a long time.  All I need is a few good “backfires”,
blow out the crud that’s accumulated over the years of non-use and WHAm…I’m
BACK in true crazy quilted–and creative “working form”. 
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