Welcome to the “Stories” tab.  I hope you have a “bit of time” right now and  love to read.  If not, escape while you still can.  Just remember, if you “choose not to escape”, take a hankie with you.  The diverse tales you encounter here: will make you laugh and perhaps bring you to tears.  

I wrote “The War Tattoo” after telling a writing professor the emotional anecdote in detail.  As we both wiped a tear from our eye, he made a life-changing statement to me.  “I’d “love” to read that story.”  Although I’d entertained friends with frivolous tales of imaginary crazy quilting adventures, I’d never in my life thought of writing anything serious.  In three short days, my life changed forever.  I AM a writer now.  I’ve been published twice, once in a magazine and once in an anthology of quilting stories.  It’s not much but it’s certainly a beginning.

I sent the story to the professor.  He wrote back, telling me I had enough talent that I needed to get in a class and learn how to write even better.  I hope the my tale “touches you” the same way it still touches me every time I read it.  My life has never been the same since I met “the stranger” in “The War Tattoo“.

“The Power in a Promise” tells the story of the true meaning behind being a “Girl Scout” I believe you will love the story.  “Scouts honor”!  Both events happened to me at work and I take great pride in sharing them with you.  Enjoy!

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