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I want to help support “crazy quilt teachers” all over the world.   If you are a teacher or know anyone who would like to post their teaching schedule here,  please leave me a comment.  I’ll post teaching schedules for any country as long as the information is in English. 

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  1. Comment by Pat Winter:

    April 12 through 16th 2012 An Adventure in Crazy Quilting Glastonbury Connecticut.I(Pat Winter) will be teaching along with Betty Pillsbury, Sharon Boggon, Shirlee Fassell, Helen Gibb, Diane Fitzgerald, and Nancy Eha. Hosted by Maureen Greeson. Website coming in June.

  2. Comment by Maureen Greeson:

    Thank you Pat for your post. The web site for “An Adventure in Crazy Quilting 2012” is now live. It describes the available workshop sessions and registration information can be downloaded.

  3. Comment by Maureen Greeson:

    The web site address for “An Adventure in Crazy Quilting” is Please take a look.

  4. Comment by FairyKateH:

    I was asked to leave a link for a crazy quilting group out there for a very dear firend of mine. Check it out!

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